Your Visit

Note: If this is your first visit, please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete paperwork.

*Your initial appointment may take up to 2 hours depending on the intake assessment and your condition; subsequent visits last approximately 1 hour.

*Make sure to eat something light an hour or two before arriving.

*Try to avoid the intake of caffeine or pain medications.

*Wear loose fitting clothes

*Bring a list of medications that you are taking


After a treatment, some patients will get off the table and go about their daily life as if nothing happened at all. Others may well experience a residual reaction. By far, the most common reaction is that patients feel a little tired or very relaxed for several hours afterward. Less commonly, patients feel very energized after a treatment.

Occasionally, there may be a worsening of symptoms for about 24 hours followed by an improvement in the condition. In most cases that changes brought about by acupuncture treatments are gradual, although in some instances they can be both immediate and dramatic. Sometimes, dramatic results can happen all at once following several treatments of no change.

Commonly, patients will have emotions “come up” or “come to the surface” following treatments, especially the first one. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s basic theory is that the body, mind, and spirit/emotion are inter-twined. Emotions are stored in our body and as energy is moved, emotions may be moved too.

It is helpful to drink a large glass of water following your treatment. Acupuncture can move and release toxins that have been stored in your tissues. The water will help to eliminate these toxins from your system.

Acupuncture is an individual experience; as individual as you are. We all have life experiences that make us different from one another and treatment will likely affect you differently than someone else. Always feel free to discuss your reactions to your treatments with me. Any information that you can provide helps me with your future treatments.